The best thing about us is that every project is a team effort.

01 . About Us
We celebrate challenging each other
We believe successful digital transformation projects start with a combination of talents and a variety of skill sets. We work with clients to deliver world-class outcomes, on time and on budget. When we go live, and achieve our goals, we all celebrate our successes, together.
02 . Our Story
Every great company has a story
Ours begins in 2017 above a launderette in Tel Aviv , with as many credit cards as ZMI's founders could get their hands on. It wasn’t long before we started to look abroad, expanding to Asia before landing in the Herzliya. Along our journey, we have kept our global curiosity, entrepreneurial mentality and desire to challenge. In 2020, we created one end-to-end customer experience offering, delivering digital content, digital platforms, and CRM.
03 . Our Approach
Curiosity fuels our challenger spirit
We have always evolved with our clients in an ever-changing world and are now a fully integrated . We understand your challenges both globally and locally, offering a hyper bundled approach that covers everything from digital transformation to publicising that transformation.