Concept imagines Apple hardware crypto wallet with Apple Card integration

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Concept imagines Apple hardware crypto wallet with Apple Card integration

A new concept by Antonio De Rosa imagines a Apple hardware cryptocurrency wallet, complete with Apple Card integration.

One element of the concept is rather farfetched – the idea that you could mine a meaningful amount of crypto on a Mac – but the cold wallet concept is interesting, and I do feel this is an area where Apple could make a real difference…

At the heart of the concept is a cute Apple hardware wallet with Touch Bar-like touchscreen and a Touch ID sensor.

De Rosa sees this integrating with the Apple Card, so that your crypto balances would be visible in Apple Wallet, and could be spent via the card.

The concept also imagines the ability to transfer crypto between individuals.

The hardware key is also shown as monitoring crypto-mining by Macs or other Apple devices. This isn’t realistic these days given the huge processing power required to achieve a worthwhile return. Only dedicated mining rigs or sizeable networks stand a chance today.

But the core concept of Apple creating a cold wallet for crypto strikes me as interesting. Even many techies are concerned about the risks of currency being lost or stolen, so a hardware wallet is a good approach, and Apple has the required level of trust. Indeed, the Cupertino company could even make its own cryptocurrency exchange. With Apple branding and marketing, it could turn crypto from a somewhat nerdy phenomenon into something ordinary consumers might adopt.

Check out the rest of the concept here.

What’s your view of the core idea of an Apple crypto wallet? And is crypto an area Apple should move into? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

De Rosa recently created renders of the rumored Apple VR headset. These were based on a drawing that was itself said to be based on a prototype device seen by The Information.

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