Crypto Quantique supplies QuarkLink IoT security for Renesas MCUs

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Crypto Quantique supplies QuarkLink IoT security for Renesas MCUs

QuarkLink supports devices that use Renesas’ Secure Cryptographic Engine (SCE) and Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) blocks across the RA, RX and RZ microcontroller families.

Using Crypto Quantique’s proven cryptographic APIs, the QuarkLink platform will enable Renesas customers to rapidly and securely connect the roots-of-trust embedded in their microcontrollers to servers.

Thousands of devices can be automatically onboarded within seconds, overcoming the scalability challenges presented by alternative solutions, without compromising security. QuarkLink handles all aspects of the process.

It provisions secure firmware and cryptographic keys, then automates secure onboarding to any platform or multiple platforms simultaneously. AWS, Microsoft and Mosquito are among the cloud services currently supported, with more to follow.

QuarkLink then manages security monitoring, including firmware encryption, signing and secure updates over-the-air, and certificate and key renewal and revocation.

Mohammed Umar Dogar, Renesas’ Senior Director of Global Business Development, explains the rationale behind the collaboration, “Crypto Quantique’s software, combined with Renesas’s secure microcontrollers, provides a robust, end-to-end security solution for a wide range of IoT applications, and their hardware IP has the ability to enable much higher levels of security for next-generation devices.”

Commenting on the agreement, Crypto Quantique’s CEO, Shahram Mossayebi, added, “The semiconductor industry has been struggling with the trade-off between security and scalability in IoT deployments for the last few years. Renesas has been at the forefront of tackling this challenge with its secure microcontrollers and it’s a privilege to further advance their efforts with our technology.”

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