Growing interest in cryptocurrency is leading to more scams

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Growing interest in cryptocurrency is leading to more scams

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Halsey’s Makeup Line Pulled Me Out of a Year-Long Makeup Rut – and Now I Owe Her Everything

Once upon a time, I wore makeup every single day and truly loved it. I, like many people in the Before Times, enjoyed getting ready for work, but for the last year have abandoned most of my daily rituals for an easier, breezier, and admittedly lazier routine that more often than not includes comfortable track pants and a completely naked face (save for some moisturizer and SPF). Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can sleep in a little longer in the mornings, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get curious about the life I once led. As a beauty editor, I eat, sleep, and dream beauty all day long, so it’s not too surprising that after a year of feeling tired and uninspired with my own routine that I began to wonder about all of the makeup looks I’ve been missing out on. Then, Halsey’s beauty brand About-Face launched, and a wave of inspiration came over me. One look at the playful ads filled with makeup fit for the life I kind of remember, and I decided it was time to get back on the horse and out of my beauty rut. Fast forward to last week when I got my hands on the entire About-Face collection and officially committed to doing my makeup every day. The goal: play with as many colors and new shapes as possible. Not only did this challenge remind me of how fun doing my makeup can be (even when it goes horribly wrong), but also that a huge source of my confidence was always hiding in this daily ritual. Like learning a new recipe, mastering a look – or at least trying something new – is a fast way to boost my self-efficacy. Even when my makeup doesn’t turn out exactly how I planned it, knowing that I wanted something and I made it happen makes me feel oh so good. Read on to see how I crawled out of my makeup rut and why I officially owe Halsey a thank-you card.

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