Our Services

Online Advertising Services
Increase traffic and improve conversions, with our innovative paid growth services. Our performance-driven approach to digital marketing produces significant returns. Are you ready for a better ROI?
Search Engine Marketing
Get right in front of qualified leads and grow your business with paid search/search engine marketing (SEM) services on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
Search Engine Optimization
Strategic, authoritative, and value-added content combined with technical optimizations will skyrocket your website to the top of search engine results pages. Discover our SEO agency’s approach to deliver the best results.
Social Media Management
Successful Social Media Management generates revenue and mesmerizes your audience. We create customized social media strategies that prompt potential customers to act
Email Marketing
We activate your email list through smart audience segmentation, stunning email design and efficient workflow automation.
Technology Consulting for Startups
providing software development for startups of all stages, we assist our customers in speeding up time to market of their products, reaching product-market fit, and timely product scaling.
Product Discovery
We will shape your startup idea into a product blueprint to accelerate fundraising and facilitate reaching product-market fit in the future. ZMI equips you with a winning business model based on an outside-in view of your venture and thorough surveying end-users pain-points. We help you to secure funding by professionally completing the necessary steps: creating a pitch deck, product landing page and clickable prototype development, building a product roadmap, undertaking a technical feasibility study.
Product Scaling
We help startups implement timely and efficient product scaling when they need to deploy a fully-featured solution and capture market share fast. To reduce startup burn rate, we provide consulting services on making software development for startups as effective as possible: streamlined development processes, fast recruitment, project management optimization. To guarantee seamless product scaling our experts deliver infrastructure and architecture consulting for maintaining fast-developing systems.