ZMI ALPHA:A Powerful Partnership: How NetDocuments and Microsoft are Creating the Seamless Work Experience Modern Legal Professionals Require

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ZMI ALPHA:A Powerful Partnership: How NetDocuments and Microsoft are Creating the Seamless Work Experience Modern Legal Professionals Require

Technology is more integral to our personal and professional lives than it ever has been. But as our use of technology increases, so do the opportunities to lose control of our documents and data.

For law firms specifically, the spread of information across disconnected platforms in the organization can create serious obstacles to productivity and efficiency while negating IT’s efforts to keep documents and data safe from threats.

To be successful, today’s CIOs must find the best of both worlds by adopting solutions that do not force a compromise of security for productivity, or vice versa.

The Best in Productivity Meets the Best in Information Governance

Here’s the great news: You don’t have to make a choice between creating an exceptional work experience or secure client experience when you implement the right technologies that integrate with one another.

NetDocuments and Microsoft have innovated alongside one another for decades, both with the goal of helping professionals work smarter through their solutions. While Microsoft is a foundational element of modern business, NetDocuments is the industry leader for providing cloud-based, comprehensive document management that exceeds client’s expectations for incomparable security, information governance (info gov), and compliance. Combined, NetDocuments and Microsoft deliver a world-class experience for lawyers and their firms worldwide.

Creating a Seamless Work Experience

As remote work became the norm (nearly overnight), law firms swiftly adopted Microsoft Teams to stay connected. However, a new challenge appeared: information sprawl. While Teams offers a productive, efficient work experience, because it is not legal specific, it does not offer sufficient info gov or security controls that the IT team, lawyers, and their clients require. Often, files passed between users in Teams are uploaded and stored to OneDrive or SharePoint, which creates duplicate copies of sensitive documents, and exacerbates the already troublesome info gov issue. 

To maintain appropriate security and governance, Teams should be connected to a secure document management and collaboration system – which is what NetDocuments delivers.

ChatLink, included in the NetDocuments PLAN solution, provides this connection point by integrating the NetDocuments platform within Microsoft Teams.

The integration provides users the power to have real-time conversations and direct, secure access to matter content with the ability to share, edit, and file a document without ever leaving Teams. This means your firm can leverage Microsoft Teams without sacrificing info gov or security strategies. It creates a seamless experience that helps keep lawyer’s workspaces secure, compliant, and easy-to-manage.

Learn more about how ChatLink and Teams work together to create a cohesive, seamless work experience in our upcoming webinar on March 26th with Microsoft and Kraft Kennedy.

Gain a Strategic Advantage with NetDocuments x Microsoft

NetDocuments and Microsoft products work seamlessly together, minimizing work disruptions while keeping documents, information, and client data safe from threats.

Below are highlights of additional NetDocuments and Microsoft integrations that your users, team, and company can enjoy.


The ndMail integration turns Outlook into Productivity Central for every user. Automated email filing, artificial intelligence, and a direct connection to the NetDocuments repository speeds lawyer’s efforts as they search, manage documents, and view files all from the comfort of Outlook.


Like ChatLink, ndOffice connects M365 products including MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel directly into NetDocuments. This helps streamline workflows and boost productivity by ensuring users can immediately save a file within the document management system.

Power Automate Connector

Lawyers need ways to reduce time-consuming, manual processes, and the NetDocuments Connector for Microsoft Power Automate makes it easy to do just that. With customized low code or no code workflows and access to over 50 NetDocuments API calls, linking your legal work to your business needs becomes simple and requires no extra effort.

Download this brochure to explore the NetDocuments + Microsoft in-depth, including extra features like Data Loss Prevention, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and FlexStore. When security is convenient, That’s Work Inspired.

By combining powerful, cloud-based tools offered by NetDocuments with Microsoft, law firms can boost productivity, increase efficiency, and strengthen governance and security measures without adding stress to lawyers.

Through a complete integration with Microsoft Teams, direct access to the NetDocuments repository from numerous Microsoft products, and nearly invisible security measures, the right choice is now the easy choice for law firms everywhere.

It’s clear that with the power of the leading DMS and business productivity platforms supporting your lawyers, success will never be out of reach

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