ZMI ALPHA:Aged Care Provider Bolton Clarke Lays Data Foundation For IoT-assisted Services With Boomi

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ZMI ALPHA:Aged Care Provider Bolton Clarke Lays Data Foundation For IoT-assisted Services With Boomi

Data visibility helps not-for-profit improve resource
and care allocations, with connected devices boosting
customer experiences

Boomi, a Dell Technologies
business, today announced that Bolton Clarke has leveraged
the Boomi integration platform to consolidate core IT
systems and information across the enterprise, with the
resulting centralised data environment serving as the
foundation for digital care services powered by Internet of
Things (IoT) devices.

Bolton Clarke is one of the
largest Australian-owned not-for-profit (NFP) healthcare,
aged care and independent living services providers,
supporting around 60,000 older people. With emphasis on
enhancing everyday benefits for its customers, the
organisation is en route to become cloud-first, fuelled by a
modernisation initiative that is driving the adoption of
advanced, digital technologies.

Mitch Franklin,
Integration Professional at Bolton Clarke, said,
“Digitisation has created many exciting opportunities for
Bolton Clarke, and one of our priorities is to use advanced
technologies to remain at the forefront of customer care at
our communities and remotely.

“As we invested and
introduced new, best-of-breed platforms, a key step was to
create seamless integration across the updated IT
environment so we could get a full picture of our customers,
families and our employees, as well as the third parties we
rely on.”

Following a market evaluation, Bolton
Clarke selected the Boomi platform to connect various
on-premises and an increasing number of cloud-based systems
– including linking Bolton Clarke’s customer
relationship management (CRM) platform to multiple
healthcare and management solutions – enabling those
applications to communicate and share data. Boomi was chosen
to replace two traditional, point-to-point middleware

The data from these critical systems can be
accessed within one secure, easy-to-use interface so the
organisation can act on real-time insights about customers,
employees and operational requirements. Because the data
provided by the Boomi integration layer is accurate,
up-to-date and readily available, Bolton Clarke is also able
to adapt quickly in extraordinary circumstances such as
those being experienced around the world right

“The Boomi platform gives us the integration
infrastructure to provide a single view of data, irrelevant
of location or environment. The ability to then leverage and
expand those integrations dynamically to further
applications, without the need to re-develop or build new,
means we can adapt our business very quickly,” said

“Since deploying Boomi, we have been able
to adapt existing and develop new services much faster,
making our teams much more productive while also driving
better engagement across the business.”

As a result
of its Boomi deployment, Bolton Clarke has fast-tracked its
IoT plans. The organisation is now trialling numerous
digital devices and services to provide daily assistance to
clients and residents and intends to make those features
platform agnostic. The data collected will be analysed by
machine learning to enable tracking of customer wellbeing
and safety around-the-clock.

Boomi plays a central
role in bringing all of this data together to give Bolton
Clarke’s teams a ‘single view of the customer’ by
enabling the underlying data from multiple platforms to be
made available and processed by a central

Gaining full visibility over its information
also makes it easy for Bolton Clarke to adapt to changing
reporting requirements and demonstrate compliance with
industry and government regulations.

“In a time when
we are seeing increased scrutiny across the sector and
increased demand on our teams in the pandemic environment,
Boomi has helped us put the right framework in place to
ensure we are providing the best possible care to our
customers,” said Franklin. “The platform makes it easier
to provide transparency of information to meet government
requirements and customer expectations.”

In addition
to accelerating Bolton Clarke’s ability to deliver new
services, Boomi has reduced development costs and timeframes
for the organisation, with a low-code design removing the
need to hire specialist coding resources as even the most
complex integrations can be conducted in a drag-and-drop
graphic user interface (GUI).

Bolton Clarke has also
eliminated various administrative tasks to free its
professionals and carers to spend more time on high-value,
client-facing priorities, such as the timely payments of
more than 2,000 nurses. Boomi automates these processes so
that employees can dedicate their time where it’s needed
most, with some staff regaining up to two hours per day in

Nicholas Lambrou, Managing Director
Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) at Boomi, said: “The aged
care sector operates under highly-contested funding and
stringent regulations in a rapidly changing environment. By
establishing a better understanding of its customers and
information and centralising its data Bolton Clarke has
become more agile, allowing it to be responsive and using
technology to supplement everyday life.”


Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, instantly
connects everyone to everything with our cloud-native,
unified, open, and intelligent platform. Boomi’s
integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is trusted by more
than 12,000 customers globally for its speed, ease-of-use,
and lower total cost of ownership. As the pioneer at fueling
intelligent use of data, Boomi’s vision is to make it
quick and easy for customers and partners to discover,
manage, and orchestrate data, while you connect
applications, processes, and people for better, faster

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