ZMI ALPHA:COMvergence names MediaCom as top new business agency for 2020

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ZMI ALPHA:COMvergence names MediaCom as top new business agency for 2020

“Prioritising a purposeful talent strategy to realise this big-picture goal was crucial,” says MediaCom South Africa’s CEO Ashish Williams. This follows Williams sharing his vision to make MediaCom the number one media agency in South Africa back in 2017.

Willimas adds that he had a clear strategy of how MediaCom South Africa was going to realise this media industry milestone. Building on the existing foundation of innovative solutions and client-centric results, a two-pronged approach was identified that would focus on the company’s most valued assets: talent and best-in-class technologies.

“To create and secure long-term growth for not only our company but our clients as well required a purpose-driven path. Having a vision is only the start. This is why MediaCom’s ethos is that we don’t just dream — we do,” says Williams. “And without putting people first, which we see as our talent and our clients, these achievements would never have been realised.”

Consequently, making staff more capability-driven, creating opportunities to upskill and connecting with global expertise were prioritised as part of the company’s people strategy, according to MediaCom.

Shaina Bobat, MediaCom South Afrcia’s HR manager, concludes, “Many companies were overwhelmed by the impact and uncertainties that the coronavirus outbreak brought. Unfortunately, many brands took the route of saving costs by cutting down on talent. At MediaCom, we went the opposite route. To many, this might not have made business sense, but to us, our people is our business.”

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