ZMI ALPHA:David Culley met with the media on Thursday afternoon for the first time since being introduced as the Houston Texans new head coach.

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ZMI ALPHA:David Culley met with the media on Thursday afternoon for the first time since being introduced as the Houston Texans new head coach.

  • What’s happening ahead of free agency?

The Texans have begun making moves ahead of free agency, including released Nick Martin and signing seven-year veteran center Justin Britt (6-6, 315). Free agency officially begins Wednesday, March 17. Culley didn’t give any details on future players that might be released or signed, deferring to general manager Nick Caserio, but he did say that the team was being evaluated from “top to bottom.”

“Each year the team changes and at that point we look at everybody from top to bottom, we look at all positions and you always want to upgrade those positions. Basically the reason you want to do that is because it creates competition. Competition makes everybody better. You’re always trying to do that through free agency. You do that through the draft. And that’s a yearly thing. And it’s something that we’re trying to do right now.”

  • Culley described his vision for the Texans offense.

With the return of Tim Kelly as the offensive coordinator, Culley believes the direction of the offense will be determined by the personnel on the roster.

“In all offenses in this league, first and foremost, you want to make sure you’re a turnover-free type of offense. Tim did a nice job with this football team last year offensively. As an offensive staff here, it’ll be a collaboration of direction that we go in and that direction will (be) determined on our personnel and we’re going to do what we feel like is best for our personnel. And I felt like last year that Tim did a great job of doing that and I foresee that moving forward.”

  • David Johnson returns for a second season with the Texans, who hope to put him in a position of success.

Along the lines of offense, Johnson picked up steam late in 2020, scoring four touchdowns (three rushing, one receiving) in his final four games of the season.

“He’s been a very productive player here, and that’s why he’s still here. And obviously, he’s a very versatile player. He’s very, very good at not only just running the football, but also catching the football in the backfield. We feel like Tim and our offensive staff have put him in a position to be successful to keep doing those things.”

  • Culley is excited about the direction of his team.

After his first month on the job, Culley says his enthusiasm has only increased. Now that his staff is in place and free agency and the NFL Draft are around the corner, the 2021 Texans will begin to take shape with the offseason program beginning April 5.

“If you saw me before then, you see me now and you hear me now, you’ll see it’s gone through the roof and it’s getting higher and higher every day as I get excited about this football team and where we’re headed. As far as the coaching staff, I’ve been very excited about the guys that are on our staff right now. We’ve been very fortunate. I’ve got teachers, we’ve got guys that have the same vision that we have here as far as moving forward and teaching and coaching and I couldn’t be more excited about that.”

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