ZMI ALPHA:Everything you need to know about NFL free agency in 2021

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ZMI ALPHA:Everything you need to know about NFL free agency in 2021

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Losing $15.7 million per franchise in cap room is a big hit. The relative inability to have in-person physicals, which was a major issue in 2020, also comes into play. You can say all you want about the tape, but there are other issues in play when it comes to deciding which free agents are best for your team, and with

“Well, the uncertainty really doesn’t play into unrestricted free agency,” Giants general manager Dave Gettleman recently said. “Those are players that are in the league; scouting them is not the issue. The uncertainty certainly falls on the college draft piece. Last year, despite the fact that the world essentially closed down mid-March, we had already had Indy, we had the all-star games and obviously had a full college season with full normal access. You had all that. This year, it’s obviously different.”

(Of course, given Gettleman’s draft history, perhaps he should view the pre-draft process as the larger challenge).

Rams general manager Les Snead was more cautious in his assessment.

“I think the unprecedented part being, for the first time in modern era, the cap decreases instead of increases. But again, I think many people on this planet, not just us in NFL football, have had to make sacrifices, some probably harder than others over the past year. I think in history, generations before us have had to make sacrifices for unprecedented circumstances and those sacrifices paid off to help make a strong place. So that’s the unprecedented part with the cap definitely going down. That’s definitely basically spurned us to have to make difficult decisions and actually have some difficult discussions with current players and figure out if we can – goal number one is for us to get under the cap so that we can begin to resign some of the players we want, but take the unprecedented pandemic and situation circumstances out of it, I do think this is where we are as an organization, as a football team right now.

“Moving forward, every year even when the cap does go up, there’s going to be players – a lot of the guys we will talk about, or you might want to talk about specifically, we’re talking about them because [head coach] Sean [McVay] and his coaching staff penciled them into probably a very significant role in previous seasons, and we maybe basically forced to allow them to move on or choose other players and not some, things like that, and that’s all what we’re working through now.”

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