ZMI ALPHA:Evolve IP Introduces Teams Evolved

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ZMI ALPHA:Evolve IP Introduces Teams Evolved

Evolve IP’s ground breaking solution; Voice2Teams removes the barriers of functionality from Microsoft Teams. Leveraging their Cisco/BroadSoft platform with API calls into Microsoft Teams to actively monitor hook switch status delivering rich features to empower businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.  

Evolve IP is rapidly expanding its reach and product offerings as a telephony service provider of hosted enterprise solutions. Operating in 43 countries with 550,000 users on their platform, Evolve IP provides native platform integrations that optimise the end-user experience by filling the gaps of collaboration tools like Webex and Microsoft Teams in a way that’s seamless and intuitive. Their flagship product, Voice2Teams, provides highly customisable options to support various communication needs across three service tiers (Voice2Teams Lite, Voice2Teams, & Voice2Teams Plus). These options include intelligent virtual agents, in-depth analytics, and hybrid environment capabilities. The focus on hybrid solutions gave birth to Teams Evolved, the next step to make Microsoft Teams more compatible for any given enterprise.  

The key thing is that Microsoft is not a carriergrade solution, so having a hybrid solution is key,” explains Paul Harrison, Managing Director Evolve IP UK. If your only UC platform was Teams and it went down Voice2Teams still provides data recovery services where Microsoft does not. A desk phone would still be available as being integrated into Teams Evolved does not leave you solely reliant on Microsoft’s performance.  

However, suppose an organisation uses Webex for high-quality video conferencing and its tailored meeting user experience and does not use Microsoft Teams. That is not a problem as Evolve IP can also integrate with Webex. MS Teams and Webex cover 62% of the virtual meeting market,” states Scott Rixon, Senior Technical Account Manager, Evolve IP UK.

Evolve IP has the tools to service that 62%, enabling companies to efficiently and flexibly integrate with either platform”  

Teams Evolved for 2021

Many organisations rushed to deploy Microsoft Teams in 2020 to facilitate remote working. This means that Microsoft Teams is an almost ubiquitous collaboration solution for businesses by merely being a by-product of Microsoft 365. It’s an easily accessible tool for video calls, chat, document sharing, etc. But, from a telephony standpoint it’s very much a step back as Teams has limited voice capabilities, everyone is doing direct routing, but what features do you really need that teams cannot provide?  

Moving into 2021, companies are looking at not just survival, but how to run their business. This is where Teams Evolved make the real difference. Bringing our years of hosted telephony experience, we enable Teams as the endpoint, but by correctly monitoring the Teams Hook Switch status we can also deliver core business features. 

Teams Evolved breaks down the barriers of Microsoft Teams and delivers full telephony flexibility and functionality. Call Centres, Hunt Groups, Reception Clients, all working correctly and fully within Microsoft Teams. We are first to market in delivering the only integrated solution that addresses both small and large enterprise requirements. Ask a standard direct routing vendor to demonstrate reporting of inbound call moving between users in teams and they can’t, with Evolve you can. Our customers now have the confidence with Teams Evolved that Microsoft Teams can now fulfil their business process.  

Leveraging Evolve’s technology partners like Akixi we can offer rich call centre features and reporting, with the customer having Microsoft Teams as the end point. Other providers are relying on external call forwards to 3rd party call centres to work around this problem, creating a less than premium customer experience. Add in CRM integrations for applications like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce and you have truly integrated voice solution. 



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