ZMI ALPHA:FEMA Reviews Community Engagement Agency Support

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ZMI ALPHA:FEMA Reviews Community Engagement Agency Support

WASHINGTON — The Federal Emergency Management Agency is reviewing agency support for its lucrative community engagement business, part of which Ogilvy has handled since 2015.

FEMA in mid-February collected proposals for the business, which is worth up to $250 million over four years, according to the RFP. The agency has not determined a time frame for awarding the contract.

FEMA is looking for an agency partner to handle community engagement and risk communications. “At every level, partnerships must be built upon clear, consistent communication. The partnership must work to raise understanding of their community’s flood risk, build their capability to communicate that risk to the people they serve, and deliver mitigation options tailored to their community’s needs, capabilities, and values,” the RFP said.

“At the national level, FEMA aims to lead a conversation that increases the public’s appetite for mitigation, through: the adoption of a common vocabulary for risk and mitigation, the development and use of behavioral science backed communications approaches, strategic partnerships, and effectively identifying and replicating best practices across all ten FEMA regions,” it adds.

This is the first time FEMA is reviewing its agency support for the effort since it hired Ogilvy and engineering consultancy Michael Baker, operating jointly as Resilience Action Partners, for community engagement and risk communications services six years ago. FEMA has been an Ogilvy client for roughly 20 years.

FEMA, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, has spent roughly $155 million on the effort to date, records show.

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