ZMI ALPHA:Gaming and Esports Agency Reset Launched by Execs from Spotify, Minute Media, SRI – The Esports Observer

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ZMI ALPHA:Gaming and Esports Agency Reset Launched by Execs from Spotify, Minute Media, SRI – The Esports Observer

A new agency has entered the gaming space led by former executives from Minute Media, Spotify, and SRI. Reset will serve the industry as a business consultancy, aiming to help esports companies leverage investment to create stable businesses. It will work with companies in the esports space and consult on areas such as business model development, revenue strategy, and investor market entry. Reset also aims to assist brands with creative services and partner identification.

The company was co-founded by four executives from across the entertainment and sports space. Duncan McMonagle is the former CRO of Minute Media, and during his tenure the company launched esports content platform DBLTAP. Ben Brown is a music industry veteran having worked at Accenture, Universal Music, and Spotify. Rounding out the founding group are Chris Jordan and Charlie Stebbings, responsible for leading the esports executive search practice at SRI.

Additionally, the company has already expanded its leadership team by bringing on former head of gaming & esports for Minute Media Mike Murphy O’Reilly to serve as commercial director.

“We’ve found that clients often need a variety of services so we had been referring each other as trusted partners for a while,” McMonagle told The Esports Observer. “Whilst there was no ‘eureka’ moment specifically, we all recognised that larger agencies struggle to provide the level of insight and understanding required to produce best in class work for their clients, and smaller one-man-band operators – whilst insightful – don’t have the scale to fully service all of a client’s needs. We’ve found that the market needs a specialist group such as ours to do great work across a variety of services.”

While the company officially launched Tuesday, it has already been working with its first client for the past nine months – Overwatch League franchise London Spitfire. During this time, Reset has managed all operations for the team. McMonagle explained that he had already worked with Spitfire at his previous company Attention Sports & Media. Across the founding group, Reset’s executives have worked with a number of companies surrounding the esports space including BLAST and FACEIT as well as brands like Samsung, Kia, BT, and Duracell.

Last year, Spitfire owner Cloud9 entered into a partnership agreement with Guinevere Capital, giving the company logistical control of the team. Guinevere Capital managing director David Harris spoke highly of working with Reset in a release. “They know the industry and key stakeholders meaning they have been able to pick up and run with everything from London Spitfire watch parties & co-streams, to merchandise logistics and go to market sales collateral.  They’ve assisted us launching training academies and liaised with University programs working up and down the chain from grassroots to elite level working directly with publishers.”

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