ZMI ALPHA:GR0 CEO Kevin Miller Offers Tips For Entrepreneurs Launching Marketing Agencies In 2021

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ZMI ALPHA:GR0 CEO Kevin Miller Offers Tips For Entrepreneurs Launching Marketing Agencies In 2021

Kevin Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of GR0

You should remain as hard working and vigorous as you expect your employees to be, and never be afraid to get your hands dirty if something needs your help.

Launching a marketing agency has never been an easy task, and in 2021 it can seem especially daunting. As CEO of GR0, Kevin Miller knows the hardships you can face building an agency, and it is abundantly clear how the current landscape of Work From Home can exacerbate these. Luckily, Miller has reflected on his experiences and has devised some helpful tips for budding entrepreneurs and fresh graduates who want to carve themselves out a place in the marketing landscape. These won’t solve all of the issues you’re going to encounter, but are an important first step for anyone just setting out.

The first important tip is to ditch just buying media space on Facebook, as rising costs are quickly making returns dwindle. This comes as the social media titan is currently facing a lawsuit that alleges it knowingly inflated the metrics of its ‘potential reach’ function that influenced ad pricing, as reported by CNBC. Miller believes that the most powerful connections a brand can have with its audience are direct ones, which means your focus should stay away from social media banner ads whenever possible. If you’re not really sure what you should be offering if not media buying, then you should look at the next tip.

The second is to focus on owned media as opposed to bought media, so that your customers can own their audiences instead of renting them. Owned media is simply enough something that the client owns, like their own social media channels, direct lines to their customers through email addresses or SMS numbers, and their SEO ratings on Google.

Kevin Miller particularly chose to hone his focus on this last one at GR0, which works tirelessly to improve the SEO ratings of clients so that they can promote their own communication channels and not be reliant on other platforms. These tools enable your customers to directly reach their consumer-base instead of having to go via a proxy like an advertisement on Facebook or other online platforms.

Third, it’s never been more important to invest in your company’s culture than it has in the age of Work From Home. It can be easy for anyone to feel disconnected from their peers and lack a sense of tangible comradery when they don’t get to enjoy watercooler conversations or get to share a lunch break with someone else in their department. This is an uphill battle, but it certainly isn’t an impossible one, and if you’re saving money by forgoing an office space then you can invest some of that in shipping out welcome boxes and other free items to employees both new and old. Additionally you can schedule events within work hours beyond just meetings, instead scheduling themed lunches where the company all agrees to a certain type of cuisine ahead of time, or just scheduling a company wide coffee break and encouraging employees to join in on group calls to socialize.

Fourth, it’s crucial to build relationships with influencers big and small who can send potential customers your way, and work tirelessly to help them improve their own brands. Influencer marketing has never been a more valuable way to get high-quality engagement from consumers and by working with influencers to not only promote your clients but also to help them grow their own brands, but can also build strong relationships with a variety of figures within the industry. These relationships are guaranteed to open up new, exciting opportunities for your agency, whether that be a growing audience base that you have reliable access to, or simply connections within the industry that will help you learn the wisdom of others. Always keep yourself open and accessible to anyone, and constantly be engaging with people in social media like LinkedIn or Twitter; you’ll be surprised how much you can earn by simply dropping someone a line.

Finally, as an entrepreneur you need to keep yourself as ego-free as possible. You should remain as hard working and vigorous as you expect your employees to be, and never be afraid to get your hands dirty if something needs your help. This is more than just the old adage of ‘If you want something done right you should do it yourself’ but is also an important factor within your company’s culture and how you are perceived by your employees. By displaying to them that you, the boss, are willing to push yourself and get tangled in the same messes that they do, it not only gives them a respect for you but also drives them to do the same, as you’ve led by example. Having no ego means more than working hard though, it means to consider yourself an equal to everyone around you, and to remain humble. Never take what you have for granted, no matter how much that may be, so that you can always strive to bring yourself and the people around you to greater heights.

In building GR0, Miller learned these lessons and more, which have helped him and his agency get to where it is today with over 30 passionate employees and dozens of satisfied clients. Your situation might differ from his own, but no matter the time these are still invaluable teachings to hold on to, as agencies will always need to remain fluid to adapt to changing times. This fluidity has been an essential part in Miller and GR0’s development, and is sure to be a key asset for any entrepreneurs looking to get their starts in the rocky landscape of today.

Building your new marketing agency in 2021 will not be an easy task, but can be an incredibly exciting and insightful adventure for anyone brave enough to venture on it. Despite current hardships in the working world there are certainly possibilities to start now and work to build something new in today’s landscape. It just requires some hard work, knowledge of the current industry, and a talented, passionate team that is rewarded for their commitment to your agency, and to you.

Additional information on GR0 is available at, or on Instagram @gr0agency, Twitter, and Facebook.

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