ZMI ALPHA:Greenbird, Iskraemeco to deliver smart metering solution for Arewal

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ZMI ALPHA:Greenbird, Iskraemeco to deliver smart metering solution for Arewal

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Greenbird Integration Technology has partnered with Iskraemeco to deliver a data hub and a smart metering solution for Belgium grid operator Arewal.

The smart metering solution will be used to incorporate energy IoT technologies to help the utility to improve customer services and to enhance the efficiency of the energy network in the south-east of Brussels, Belgium.

The project will help Arewal to accelerate its transition to a sustainable and smart infrastructure-based utility.

The winning offer combines components of the Energy IoT solution – electricity meters, NB-IoT communication – from Iskraemeco with the data hub and Meter2Cash process support offered within the Greenbird Utilihive platform.

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In the future, Arewal will be able to integrate other multi-utility services including water meters and M-Bus devices. The implementation and integration project is planned to start at the beginning of 2021, with the major rollout to be finalized by the end of 2024.

Cooperation and teamwork were of great importance in this project since the delivered solution includes advanced technologies that will play an important role in digital transformation that will help drive innovation and sustainable results for Arewal and its future network services.

The newly integrated data services will enable customers to manage their energy production and consumption better, maximise energy efficiency, and lower their carbon footprint.

The ecosystem is designed to meet the future needs and demands of Greenbird’s clients for smart metering rollout and operations, integrating DERM and EV services, advanced grid analytics, and future smart city use cases.

Thorsten Heller, CEO and founder of Greenbird Integration Technology, said: “We are delighted to have been selected together with Iskraemeco to support this innovative IoT project at Arewal.

“Greenbird is known for its unique digital integration platform which has been specifically designed and optimized for utilities to accelerate the energy transition.”

Digital transformation in the energy sector is gathering pace making a new IT architecture a necessity.

By utilising Utilihive, Arewal will be in a position to embrace new and innovative data-driven technologies. Utilihive offers an Energy Data Mesh combining advanced integration capabilities with a distributed cloud-native data lake that supports utilities in data sharing, providing the IT architecture for future flexibility and success.

Patrick Testers, managing director of Iskraemeco Benelux, adds, “I am excited about the winning partnership we have with Greenbird that will enable us to deliver on this innovative Energy IoT project. This partnership forms a trusted foundation for other innovation projects in the rest of the Benelux!”

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