ZMI ALPHA:Inkling Simplifies Integration to Learning and Operational Systems with Inkling Connect

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ZMI ALPHA:Inkling Simplifies Integration to Learning and Operational Systems with Inkling Connect

New Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Solution Eliminates Application Silos, Streamlines the User Experience, Improves Access to Data Insights, and Enhances Functionality with Micro Apps

SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Inkling, a global leader in digital learning platform solutions, today introduced Inkling Connect, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that effortlessly integrates Inkling with popular learning management systems (LMS), learning experience platforms (LXP), human capital management (HCM) solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and other core operational systems of record. Inkling Connect provides dozens of pre-built connectors that enable companies to deliver both Inkling digital content and information from other preferred provider applications, and offers micro apps for enhanced learning, operations and knowledge management functionality.

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“Businesses rely on a wide variety of tools and data sources for developing their workforces and managing enterprise-wide learning and operational knowledge, but until now, this has required employees to toggle between applications. Not only does reliance on these disparate tools make it difficult for employees to learn or find information they need, it also creates silos that prevent managers from understanding the effectiveness of their learning and development programs,” said Inkling CEO Jeff Carr. “Inkling Connect is the first learning enablement solution to eliminate the need for integration customization, with built-in capabilities that automatically map data flowing through various LMS, LXP, HCM and content libraries. Inkling Connect supports a wide range of integrations, enabling our customers to amplify the value of their data and achieve real-time visibility into all aspects of their workforce development.”

Enterprises rely on an average of 23 different technology tools or platforms for learning and training, according to analyst Josh Bersin’s Insights on Corporate Talent, Learning, and HR Technology report. The confluence of these different solutions takes a toll on employees, not to mention IT support staff, with almost 40 percent indicating that the learner experience needs to improve significantly for them to get the most out of their LMS.

With its powerful API framework, Inkling Connect solves these problems by enabling Inkling’s modern learning solution to seamlessly integrate into existing learning and corporate ecosystems with pre-built connectors, and drag-and-drop data mapping. No custom coding is required and future maintenance or enhancements are quick and easy. Once integrated, employees no longer have to move between various content management, learning and operational systems. Instead, with advanced single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, Inkling Connect improves the user experience by giving users access to Inkling digital content and information in other core systems from a single source.

Inkling Connect offers a variety of connectors that allow companies to leverage content created in Inkling with LMS, LXP and operational systems, or use content from other partners directly in Inkling Learning Pathways. Data can be exported via a Data Connector from Inkling into other business intelligence tools to deliver deeper insights.

Inkling Connect also makes learning environments more robust with the availability of micro apps developed with Inkling partners, such as a new Field User Management app developed by Educe for extended enterprise and franchise user management. These apps enable companies to benefit from tools such as learning gamification, authoring widgets, and other functionality extensions to core Inkling products.

Inkling Connect also helps save managers hours of reentering data into several different apps through automatic data transfers among platforms. By having all data in one place – instead of siloed in a variety of different applications – companies can be more agile, supporting quick, informed decision making that is required in today’s competitive business environment.

“Inkling is an essential tool…an amazing platform to give your team this high-velocity infrastructure to do things fast,” Bersin said. “If something is broken, you can go ahead and fix it within five seconds. That is very hard for other learning systems to do.”

About Inkling

Inkling is a leading, global, modern learning platform designed for today’s learners and today’s work. The company delivers your most critical knowledge to your people in the flow of work, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With easy content authoring, simplified learning paths, a modern learning experience, and meaningful insights, Inkling’s modern operational learning platform delivers learning flawlessly and with simplicity. Named a Hot Vendorâ„¢ and Leader in Strategy for Learning by Aragon Research and a Training Industry Top 20â„¢ Training Delivery Company, Inkling also has earned several Excellence in Technology and Human Capital Management and Innovation awards from Brandon Hall Group. Leading brands trust Inkling to help them efficiently onboard employees, ensure continued performance enablement, and successfully execute corporate initiatives while providing new levels of visibility into critical operating metrics. Founded in 2009, Inkling is based in San Francisco.

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