ZMI ALPHA:Learn Web Development by Building a Website With This Course

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ZMI ALPHA:Learn Web Development by Building a Website With This Course

A 10-hour hands-on course to help you learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS & Javascript and build 20 real-world websites.

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The path into the web development world can seem confusing at times — there’s no clear roadmap since there are multiple programming languages, dozens of frameworks and libraries. Which one should you learn in what order?

Anyone can become a web developer. It’s a question of persistence, patience, and effort. Without further ado, we have a deal for you on learning the essentials and build websites by doing.

What’s in the Course?

HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of web development. No matter how advanced your website is, or frameworks and backend language you’re using, you’ll have to build the frontend application using HTML and CSS.

Once you learn these markup languages, the next thing you need to learn is Vanilla Javascript. They include fundamentals of variables, data types, functions, conditionals, and more. You should understand how DOM (Document object model) works, learn how to use developer tools built into Chrome, and Modern JS frameworks like React, Vue, NodeJS, and more.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build websites by doing. Since it’s project-based, you’ll not be learning a bunch of unnecessary coding practices. The course outline are as follows:

  • Create a one-page website: They’re commonly used to make portfolio type websites to show your work.
  • Create a minimalist website: Learn about typography, themes, and best practices.
  • How to create a responsive website: Learn how to set the viewport, media queries for different screen sizes, fluid widths, the concept of rem units, and more.
  • How to create a big website that scale and work on different devices
  • Create a photography-based website: Learn how to use a jquery slider, create horizontal navigation menus, choosing a font-layout, colors, and whitespace.

Here is an interesting video on web technologies that are commonly needed to create and plan your learning path.

Other than that you should be knowledgeable about tools that you’ll use while doing web development. So start creating websites and create a new road in your career. The deal is available for only $15.

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