ZMI ALPHA:New Zealand Agencies Benefit From New Social Media Upskill Service

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ZMI ALPHA:New Zealand Agencies Benefit From New Social Media Upskill Service

Insightful is a new service offering fortnightly Social
Media Insights webinars, designed to keep marketing
professionals on top of the ever-evolving world of social
media, saving agencies time and money.

Designed by
marketers for marketers, Insightful aims to bring the latest
insights and trends to agencies around New Zealand so they
in turn can introduce new ideas to their

Insightful was launched by Andrew Ferdinando
and Dom Hay who founded Ad Hoc, a virtual marketing director
service, five years ago, and during that time have been
coaching social media marketers.

“Over the years
our clients kept telling us the same thing – that it was
impossible to stay on top of social media in a professional
marketing context,” says Ferdinando.

“This was
becoming a concern for many of our clients, so we decided to
run a poll asking marketers how many hours they spent per
month attempting to stay up-to-date. What we learned was
that over 50 percent of people who worked in social media
spent more than seven hours each month consuming the latest
developments and yet they still felt like they were

In response to their findings,
Insightful was launched last year as a solution to the
problem, delivering new platform updates, the latest
research, mini-tutorials, campaign examples and social media
tools/app reviews through its series of

In just 40 minutes each fortnight
marketers can stay abreast of the latest trends, something
Kim Voon, Founder of Auckland marketing agency, Insight
Online, says has been hugely beneficial.

“As an
agency it’s been a brilliant time saver for us. My team
used to spend hours researching this stuff.” says Voon, an
early adopter of Insightful.

“We need to show
our clients that we’re on top of all the latest social
media developments. Insightful ensures that we are and gives
us a good reason to pick up the phone to

Insightful’s Dom Hay says the tool
ensures social media experts can continue to develop skills
and knowledge within an agency environment.

ran a marketing agency in Sydney for 10 years and I know
first-hand just how important it is to upskill your team and
build in-house capability. Insightful should be viewed as
continuous professional development (CPD) for social media
marketers, ‘continuous’ being the important word because
the learning never ends as the platforms are changing daily,

Insightful is offering NZ agencies
the service from $109 +GST per month. For more information

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