ZMI ALPHA:Repeat launches all-in-one esports tournament platform to help run automated campaigns for brands

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ZMI ALPHA:Repeat launches all-in-one esports tournament platform to help run automated campaigns for brands

Repeat has officially launched its all-in-one esports tournament platform, aiming to make it easy for brands to start campaigns that “practically run themselves.”

Repeat, which has hosted over 75,000 tournaments and 60 million games, has formatted its platform to remove the hassle and massive timesink of setting up tournaments for various brands by offering easy-to-run, results-driven, automated campaigns. 

This new all-in-one tournament platform enables brands to tap into and engage with interested players using Repeat’s scalable infrastructure, asynchronous “always-on” tournaments, and highly customizable settings. All of that also runs on a low-bandwidth investment that minimizes how much time a brand needs to spend maintaining the campaign once it’s live. 

In Q4 2020, Repeat grew more than 550 percent while it innovated and worked to increase engagement and buy-in from gamers through further expansion into new titles and altered the platform quickly in response to changes within the industry. 

“We constantly talk to gamers, influencers, and brands across multiple titles and geographies to ensure that as the industry evolves we’re always building what they want, not what we think they want,” said Aaron Fletcher, co-founder and CEO of Repeat. “With this in mind, we’ve built Repeat to be both modular and automated, allowing us to adapt very quickly as new trends emerge. Being modular allows us to rapidly add new game titles and features as the need arises right now, not a year into the future when the world has already moved on.”

With these improvements, Repeat offers tournaments that can scale to accommodate millions of players, analytics, geo and age-based targeting, A/B testing, live rankings, automated prize pool fulfillment, data-driven anti-cheat, and social integrations with top sharing platforms. Repeat’s technology will also automatically manage the tournament, including live tracking of rankings and fulfillment of cash or other prize types.

Repeat’s customization also extends to social integration. Entry conditions can be set to increase brand engagement such as requiring app downloads, browser extension installations, survey completion, product purchase, cash entry fees, and more.

Repeat has already done work with several high-profile brands like the U.S. Army, Papa John’s, Totino’s, and several Fortune 500 companies with campaigns across titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more. 

“It’s incredibly rewarding to help brands run successful esports campaigns at a fraction of their typical time and resource allocation,” Fletcher said. “A single campaign with Repeat can generate results that would take 200+ tournaments to achieve elsewhere. Our unique ability to measure success with tangible data and brand outcomes is also an important step to bringing more accountability to esports partnerships.”

Repeat plans to expand rapidly in the coming months with more additions, like embedded tournaments and direct integrations with other major gaming software platforms. You can learn more about the Repeat all-in-one tournament service, the ongoing early access model, and other activations on the platform’s official website.

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