ZMI ALPHA:TCS launches SaaS-based platform to secure enterprises from cyber risks

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ZMI ALPHA:TCS launches SaaS-based platform to secure enterprises from cyber risks

BENGALURU: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Ltd has launched a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based automated vulnerability remediation platform to protect enterprises from malicious attacks by identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities in their software libraries and proactively fixing them.

“The automated vulnerability remediation platform helps enterprises build and execute a contextual, risk focused and effective vulnerability management program, helping them decide on the right remediation approach across assets, common vulnerabilities and patching. The platform also helps enterprises set vulnerability tolerance levels,” TCS said in a statement.

The platform provides role-based access to C-suite and board-level executives, who can directly leverage the real-time insights to review and fine tune their risk strategies.

“The SaaS-based delivery model offers enterprises a quick start to a robust and scalable remediation program with minimal upfront capex investment. It is built on a plug-and-play API driven architecture with out-of-the-box integration capabilities with leading asset inventory systems (both on-premise and cloud), commercial and opensource security controls, patch management tools, and ticketing systems,” TCS said.

“Customers embarking on a legacy modernization and cloud migration journey need to remediate pre-existing vulnerabilities and put in place processes and controls to mitigate new ones. TCS’ SaaS-based automated vulnerability remediation platform provides risk-based remediation analytics to help security and IT operations teams quickly and efficiently mitigate known risks, and orchestrate vulnerability remediation,” said Santha Subramoni, global head, Cyber Security, TCS.

TCS offers a full suite of security services for cognitive threat management, identity, and access management, governance, risk and compliance, data privacy and protection, digital forensics and incident response, enterprise vulnerability management, cloud security, and internet of things.



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