ZMI ALPHA:Technology partnership could bring more vehicle spec data to dealers

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ZMI ALPHA:Technology partnership could bring more vehicle spec data to dealers

CARLSBAD, Calif. and COLUMBUS, Ohio – 

With a new technology integration partnership between pre-F&I vehicle delivery system company, ZipDeal, and automotive artificial intelligence company EpiAnalytics, dealers can improve revenue streams by allowing sales staff to present more details about vehicle options, features and corresponding accessories.

Through the partnership, ZipDeal has integrated EpiAnalytics’ VINoptions product with its vehicle and accessories module.

The companies launched the new tool last summer, and it is currently available to dealers.

Using EpiAnalytics technology, the ZipDeal platform extracts and categorizes VIN-level information and provides standardized OEM specifications for each vehicle.

The companies said the integration of EpiAnalytics technology with ZipDeal helps dealers that seek stronger data about a vehicle’s exact specifications.

ZipDeal and EpiAnalytics said that with the combined service,  auto dealers will be able to increase revenue derived per vehicle through add-ons and accessories that can help boost a dealership’s bottom line.

Also, through personalized delivery, dealers can improve customer satisfaction and tenure, according to the company. Dealers can also reduce time and expenses associated with contracts in transit after vehicle delivery.

“Our collaboration with EpiAnalytics offers a powerful solution in terms of providing vehicle equipment data, options and matching accessories to help dealers increase their customers’ satisfaction and deliver a better buying experience, while increasing revenue streams,” ZipDeal  chief executive officer Tony Gomez said in a news release.

Gomez also said, “By integrating our platform with EpiAnalytics’ technology, we’re enabling dealers to reduce the barriers associated with closing the deal by providing their customers with unprecedented access to information about the vehicle they’re purchasing, which can help them determine how certain add-ons and accessories might impact their payment.”

EpiAnalytics president James Vecchio said that although automotive data contains valuable information about a vehicle, it is not always easy for buyers or sellers to discern a vehicle’s actual equipment, trim or options using a standard VIN decode.

“The streamlined experience that ZipDeal provides by integrating our VINoptions solution with their platform gives automotive dealers and their customers a better car buying experience overall,” Vecchio said.

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