ZMI ALPHA:The CEO Of the Marketing Agency PRMR And Founder Of Bitcoin Ultimatum Who Is Improving The Cryptocurrency Market

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ZMI ALPHA:The CEO Of the Marketing Agency PRMR And Founder Of Bitcoin Ultimatum Who Is Improving The Cryptocurrency Market

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2021 / Our world is constantly changing. The way we do business or make money has changed a lot in the last decade. We used to keep money in a bank, but today some of us use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. These are not materialized in paper or credit cards; this is money in virtual wallets protected by a blockchain or database. They are still currencies but digital.

Although the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing, not everyone understands how to use them. This is a potential danger for people interested in using crypto who may get wrong advice. Thus, it is important to follow experts like Nikolai Udianskiy, who has been involved in cryptocurrency projects for more than seven years and is working on the launch of Bitcoin Ultimatum, a bitcoin fork that will improve the market.

“I participated in the creation and launch of 5 of the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinsbit – in just two years, this exchange entered the Top 10 in the world and attracted more than a million users.” Nikolai shares.

One of the advantages of this type of currency is that they are global since they are not regulated by any type of governmental organization, such as the State, banks, financial institutions, or companies. This gives the possibility of being able to use them anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the work of people like Nikolai, who is an expert in the field and is constantly working to improve the industry, people can engage in this market and find another way to manage their finances and achieve their goals.

“At the moment, I am closely involved in the Bitcoin Ultimatum project. It is a new generation blockchain based on bitcoin core, but unlike BTC it is fast, has the ability to run smart contracts and works on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.” Nikolai says. “I believe that Bitcoin was really wonderful and innovative for its time, but today, this product urgently needs a renewal. It is slow, its coins are mined in an un-ecological and outdated way: mining on computers that consume the planet’s resources. We decided to take the idea of bitcoin as a base and added all the features of the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Thus, we obtained an almost perfect hybrid, to which we initially put the best features that neither BTC nor ETH have.”

Nikolai is also the founder of EVO Country Club, a kind of Silicon Valley for IT specialists, and the CEO of a marketing agency,, which specializes in promoting cryptocurrency projects.

Before starting his crypto businesses, Nikolai first got motivated to get in the industry after hearing from many of his acquaintances who were starting to get involved in blockchain and crypto.

“In 2014, I started to seriously study programming, and in 2015, we started selling our software products. I usually play the role of creator, designer of the product, and my technical partners implement it.” Nikolai adds.

Nikolai is not just focused on managing and innovating the world of cryptocurrency, he also works to promote the industry overall. His company PRMR, an international high-quality marketing agency, focuses on developing individual strategies necessary for the development of international start-up projects.

“We offer a full range of integrated marketing services to meet the individual needs of clients. The client comes looking for results, and we give them exactly that: a result that often exceeds what they expected. Nowadays, your image and the rate of mentions and trust in your social networks decide the question of your success. We offer a wide range of brand promotion, marketing and event services. In our media network there are more than a hundred direct contacts with relevant media, and SMM specialists will help to maintain active feedback with the target audience through social networks and digital platforms.” Nikolai explains.

Find out more about Nikolai and his projects here.

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