ZMI ALPHA:The Hub expands its secure payment and ticketing system into scalable Covid-19 verification platform

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ZMI ALPHA:The Hub expands its secure payment and ticketing system into scalable Covid-19 verification platform

  • Ready for use immediately, The Covid Hub Digital Operations Platform allows businesses and venues to monitor Covid-19 transmission risk in real time through secure issuance and verification processes
  • Adapted from a proven platform used by the likes of Mastercard and National Express, The Covid Hub offers the highest level of commercial data security available
  • The Covid Hub has been developed by an award winning team of developers who have been creating secure verification platforms since 1995

 With Covid-19 restrictions easing throughout the UK, The Covid Hub has announced that its new Digital Operations Platform (DOP) is ready for use. Adapted from a proven, secure system developed over the last 20 years, The Covid Hub allows businesses and venues to accurately monitor their risk of Covid-19 transmission in real time without compromising employee or attendee privacy.

Developed with a grant from Innovate UK in 2020, The Covid Hub is designed to help people return to work and social events safely and seamlessly. The Hub began adapting its existing platform in March 2020, modifying its existing secure payment ID and access control system, designed for customers such as Mastercard, DHL and National Express.

The Covid Hub’s DOP allows individuals to verify that they have received a vaccination or negative Covid-19 test using a QR code and photo to verify a test result or vaccination receipt from any official body immediately.

Plugging directly into existing software and hardware means The Covid Hub’s platform does not use biometric security or other measures to verify identity, and a customisable dashboard allows users to set their own level of security and verification. The platform can be implemented across large networks and existing ticketing infrastructure, and has also been configured to ensure compliance and integration with NHS test & trace procedures. This ensures seamless and secure Covid status verification can be added on to existing ticketing and entry processes, such as airline tickets and work passes – reducing administration and saving time for both individuals and organisations.

Designed by an award-winning team with over 25 years of digital design and development experience, The Covid Hub can be integrated with all current forms of Covid-19 testing and vaccination, ensuring customers can instantly set their preferred level of verification. The Covid Hub can also be adapted to accommodate local legal requirements to ensure compliance and prevent misuse of the platform in any context. Users can control what information they store on the system at any time.

Sam Rudder, CEO of The Hub, commenting on platform, said, “The Covid Hub is based on a highly successful digital operations platform that we’ve been developing and improving since 1995. This technology is already in place in all mainstream forms of transport, as well as every racecourse in the UK, and is also used by the likes of 02, DHL, Mastercard and Vodafone.  Thanks to a talented team and support form Innovate UK, we have been able to create a verification platform which can be integrated with any form of Covid-19 testing or vaccination at scale, offering users a reliable and secure verification process without the need for costly investment in hardware. Our technology has the potential to be rapidly and universally adopted in the UK to be exported to other countries to get economies moving again.”

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