ZMI ALPHA:Tom Brady appears to have already won over one key Buccaneers free agent with new contract extension

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ZMI ALPHA:Tom Brady appears to have already won over one key Buccaneers free agent with new contract extension

After agreeing to a contract extension with the Buccaneers on Friday morning, Tom Brady didn’t waste any time signing his new contract. The quarterback’s new deal with Tampa Bay is expected to free up nearly $19 million in cap space for the Buccaneers this year. 

Brady obviously wants to win another Super Bowl and he made that pretty clear on Twitter when he reacted to his own contract signing. 

Thanks to this new deal, the Buccaneers are in a better position to take home another Lombardi Trophy. With the extra cap space, the Buccaneers can now work on re-signing several players who are scheduled to hit free agency including Shaq Barrett, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh and Antonio Brown

The most important player in that group is definitely Barrett and if social media is any indication, it sounds like the Buccaneers star pass-rusher plans on re-signing in Tampa Bay. After Brady mentioned on Instagram that he wants to win another Super Bowl, Barrett responded with a simple, “Yessir.”

You can interpret Barrett’s comment how you want, but to me, that definitely makes it seem like the soon-to-be free agent doesn’t plan on hitting free agency. There would be no reason for Barrett to respond like that if he wasn’t actually planning to return to try and win another Super Bowl with Brady (Brady has 9.5 million followers on Instagram, so Barrett had to know that someone would see his comment if he wrote something). 

With $19 million in extra cap room now available thanks to Brady’s new deal, it won’t be surprising at all if Barrett and the Buccaneers get something done at some point over the next few days. If you’re wondering where the extra $19 million came from, it’s pretty simple (but not that simple): The Buccaneers gave Brady a four-year extension that will void down so that it will actually add just one year to his contract, meaning Brady is now officially signed through 2022. 

Brady has long said that he wants to play until he’s at least 45 so it seems kind of fitting that he’ll be 45 when the 2022 season kicks off. 

If Brady’s contract with Tampa Bay hadn’t been re-done, he would have counted $28.375 million against the cap this year, but that number is now going to drop below $10 million. 

Brady has spent the better part of his career signing below-market contracts so that his team can build around him and I’m not saying every quarterback should take below-market money, but I am saying that Brady has seven Super Bowl wins. By re-working his contract, Brady is making sure the Buccaneers can keep around key players — like Barrett — and keeping those key players is going to help as the Buccaneers try to become the NFL‘s first repeat champions since Tom Brady and the Patriots did it in 2003 and 2004. 

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