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La Vida Travel send 25 gift boxes out to local female entrepreneurs and influencers

Staff at LaVida Travel in Newport sent 25 boxes to local female entrepreneurs and social media influencers.


“We wanted to do something special to support local businesswomen. The world is a better place when women can support women,” said agency owner Karen Marin Reyes.


“Because of lockdown, we can’t have anybody in the office, so we started interacting with local people. It’s gone down amazingly.”


Staff made “treat boxes that were Insta-worthy”, with cakes and chocolate lollies and a ’Happy International Women’s Day’’ postcard that included a special message for the recipient.


“We had amazing feedback from all the women who received a special box and we had a range of emotions from making people smile to actually being quite emotional with a little surprise treat arriving at their door throughout lockdown,” she said.


“Many of our recipients tagged us on Instagram to say thank you.”


Marin Reyes said that until now, the agency had concentrated mainly on using Facebook to reach clients, with 22,000 followers.


“Our Instagram is a slow burner, but it’s gone up another 100 followers in the last 24 hours,” she added.

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