ZMI ALPHA:Want to Be a Web Developer? This is the Ultimate Bootcamp

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ZMI ALPHA:Want to Be a Web Developer? This is the Ultimate Bootcamp

Supercharge your web development skills with this great value bundle.

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Web development is a consistently growing sector. If a business isn’t online in some form, it’s missing out on exposure and potential sales. If you’re thinking about a career switch into web development, now is the perfect time. With more people working from home, more businesses require an online presence.

Make the switch easier with the Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle, packed with the courses you need.

What’s in the Ultimate Web Developer Bundle?

The Ultimate Web Developer Bundle is your one-stop course for picking up a huge range of web development skills. It covers major areas that’ll help you build skills, all through practical projects you can work through at your preferred speed.

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The bundle breaks down into 11 different courses. Each course focuses on a different aspect of web development and design. You’ll learn things in one part of the bundle that you can apply to the next part of the course, too, helping you learn a sphere of web development skills.

The bundle features:

  • The Complete HTML5 CSS3 Course, including Flexbox, Grid, and SASS
  • Modern Web Design
  • The Ultimate HTML Developer
  • How to Build Responsive Real-World Websites with CSS3 V2.0
  • How to Create an 8-Bit Website
  • Understanding APIs and the RESTful APIs Crash Course
  • JavaScript for Beginners, including six projects
  • Git Essentials: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • JavaScript Essentials
  • Python for Everybody: The Ultimate Python 3 Bootcamp
  • Web Design JavaScript Front-End Code

All together, the courses provide over 69 hours of web development and design content. You can pick up the Ultimate Web Development and Design Bundle for $39.99, down from the regular price of $2,200.

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One of the best things about this bundle is the pick and choose nature. If you find that you’re enjoying creating websites and learning HTML and CSS, there are multiple modules for you. If you realize that you prefer the back-end coding side of web development, you can focus on that. There are multiple options for each learning path!

Who Is the Ultimate Web Developer & Designer Bundle For?

Anyone! Whether you have a passing fancy to learn about web development or attempting to start a new career, this bundle is for you. With the breakdown of the bundle into separate courses, you make the bundle work for you, around your existing commitments.

At the time of writing, the Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle is on sale for $39.99. Grab it while you can!

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